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Welcome to huntmycrypto

Getting cryptic with crypto!

Are you good at puzzles?  huntmycrypto schedules scavenger hunts with media, maps, music and more.  Figure out the puzzle first and win a treasure chest of cryptocurrency!

How It Works

1. Join a Scavenger Hunt

2. Find the Answers

3. Gain Access and Claim Your Prize

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How To Play

Sign Up

Sign up for the scavenger hunt.  Once you sign up you will receive confirmation of the date and time of the hunt.

Get a Key

After you sign up, you will receive an email with a link to purchase a key. Your small entry fee will be added to the prize.



After you get your key, you will receive instructions how to access the information for the scavenger hunt.


The World’s Best Crypo Treasure Hunt!

Earn your Crypto through the power of knowledge!