How It Works

3 Easy Steps

crypto hunt

1. Join a Scavenger Hunt

crypto scavenger hunt website

2. Find the answers and check them

fun crypto currency hunting game

3. Gain access to the crypto wallet

hunt for crypto currency game

Answer checker for the hunt!

Once a scavenger hunt has begun, an answer checker will appear on the game page.  Check your answers to see if they are correct, when you get all 12 race to the crypto wallet to unlock it and transfer your winnings! 


Sample Scavenger Hunt

Hopefully Ferris can escape the evil Dr.Claw in this movie mash-up, maybe he'll use his helicopter hat?

A poor woman wakes from a coma, gets into a "Pussy Wagon", and travels to another country for Japanese steel.

Jason Bourne and Batman team up to try to get an American car to beat an exotic car. (1,57)

In this 2019 film, a rag-tag group fight for their lives by simply leaving rooms?...(10,89)

A young, female FBI agent must catch a "penis-tucking" predator by asking a guy with a mask on a dolly questions. (2,5)

Not too long before exposing himself in public(IRL), This guy's prized possession is stolen and he sets out across the states to find it(in the movie). (1,13)

A pack of wolves end up in Vegas. They lose one wolf, but then find that wolf and return home. (5,5)

When the "Force" doesn't work, sometimes you must call upon the "Schwartz". (4,3)

A Gladiator, who clearly let himself go, gets into some serious road rage in this recent film. (5,83)

Neo takes time off from the Matrix and tries to bring his dead family back to life. (5,29)

An underaged drinking animal tries to find his mother in this animated classic. (4,5)

Guy Ritchie lands on the map with this cult classic film who's title has a bunch of commas. (3,31)

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